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Al Sahra, a skincare collection to bring an oasis to you and your skin. 

I have designed the products in this skincare collection to provide your skin with expert blends. These are the result of years of experimentation, trials and struggles intertwined with happy tears and the moment when finally, it all came together. 

Al Sahra, which means desert in Arabic is about infusing herbs used in traditional Islamic Medicine with modern science based on botanicals. Embracing the goodness of the olive trees, seizing the exquisiteness of pomegranates and the leaves of aloe and merging the colours of nature with unique ingredients to create Al Sahra. 

All expertly blended for you with extensive research and years of experience. 
All created while respecting the laws of the halal way of life. 
All designed with the intention of capturing that moment, those few tranquil minutes of the day where you have no responsibilities, no worries or expectations. Leaving you free to be the real you. 

To have your own oasis in the desert.


My Story




Many people move from their home country to embrace Western culture, leaving behind family and friends to experience an exciting new way of life. This is what I did nearly 18 years ago. My name is Timi, and I am the creator of the Al Sahra Botanical Skincare collection.

In this time I’ve met people from all walks of life, some stayed, some left. Many from a different culture, different beliefs but they all had a significant effect on my views. I encountered new ways of life through their eyes, not always agreeing, but respectfully listening and learning. I asked, I read, and I paid attention.

The result of this helped me discover the beautiful plants used in Islamic Medicine. I found it fascinating how not widely known herbal medicines used plants that are now being extensively researched and proven to help both health and skin.  I have seen many people struggle with their newly-found way of lives. Torn between tradition and freedom, between expectations and their aspirations.


Al Sahra, meaning desert in Arabic, was born from these experiences. I wanted to create a skincare collection where a few spare minutes after a busy day means you can leave all these expectations behind.

The wonderful aromas, the exquisite colours of these potions will transport you to your oasis in the middle of the desert. I have worked in the organic skincare industry for years; I teach organic skincare classes and formulate for clients. It has taken me years to get to the stage where I feel ready to share my creations with you.

The Al Sahra collections are unique and one of a kind skincare products that bear gorgeous colours, captivating aromas and high-performance ingredients. All are designed following the laws of Islam.

I want you to see this not merely as skincare but a way of life.

I encourage you to find your own oasis and allow time to focus on yourself.

I had to clear up my messy life. By letting go of the debris and filth, I have come to a deeper, more soulful beauty and clarity like an oasis in the desert.
— Sharon E. Rainey, Making a Pearl from the Grit of Life
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